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Cryptic kodi addon

Cryptic Kodi Addon Review

Cryptic is a part of the falcon team. Cryptic is an amazing Kodi addon. It is available in AJ repository. Its provides movies, TV shows, Cartoon, Music, and some stand up video. It has contents to attract user from all age groups. It also has a special category "her place". It has some contents regarding the girls interest. 

And movies are further sub categorized into top 100 movies, cryptic movies, Disney movies, animated movies, and box set movies. It also has testing area to test its new contents.

Cryptic Kodi Addon Features

  • multi scrapers

How to install Cryptic Kodi Adddon?

There are two basic methods to install any kodi addon. 
i) Installation from Repository
ii) Installation from ZIP File

If you are not aware of the installation procedure, please do check the article which we created exclusively with screenshots.

A detailed addon installation guide for Jarvis and Krypton

Refer to the table for Cryptic kodi addon Repo URL and other info.

Addon Name









AJ Repo

Repository URL

What's inside?

Movies and TV shows

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