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Brettus Anime Kodi Addon Review

Out of very few Anime addons, Brettus Anime is one of the great and remarkable addon for watching anime series. It is available in the Brettus Builds repository. It includes a lot of anime series that can be sorted out as Akame ga Kill, Akira Movie 1988, Angel Beats, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Berserk, BeyBlade, Black Blood Brothers, Black Lagoon, Bleach, Blue Exorcist, Claymore, Death Note, Soul Eater, School Rumble, Trigun, and lots more. The Akame ga Kill can have a lot of interesting anime series that includes Kill the Darkness, Kill the Authority, Kill your Cares, Kill the Imperial Arm Users, Kill the Dream, Kill the Absolute Justice, Kill the Newcomers, and much more. The Digimon series includes two different types of sub-categories such as Digimon TV Shows, and Digimon Movies. The Digimon TV Shows includes 5 different types of seasons available from Digimon Season 1 to Digimon Season 5.

Brettus Anime Kodi Addon Features

  • It has a well updated contents.
  • The Streaming is also be good in this addon.

How to install Brettus Anime Kodi Addon?

There are two basic methods to install any kodi addon.
i) Installation from Repository
ii) Installation from ZIP File

If you are not aware of the installation procedure, please do check the article which we created exclusively with screenshots.

A detailed addon installation guide for Jarvis and Krypton

Refer to the table below for the Brettus Anime Kodi addon Repo URL, ZIP download link and other info.

Addon Name

Brettus Anime








Brettus Build Repo

Repository URL​​​​

What's inside?


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