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Eyasses Kodi Addon

Eyasses Kodi Addon Review

The Eyasses is yet another great all in one Kodi addon. It is available in the AJ repository. The database present in this addon is very large that includes more than 10 different types of categories such as Anime, Audio Books, CCTV, Cooking, Documentaries, Fitness, Faith, Live TV, Movie HUB, Playground, Sport Zone, Stand Up, Stoner, Tunes, and much more. The Anime category includes a list of famous anime series and movies. The Audio Books is one of the useful category present in this addon that can be further classified into a lot of sub-categories namely Childrens books, Historical romance, Romance Novels, Classic audiobooks, and much more. The Documentaries can also be further classified into so many sub-categories such as Boxing, Football, Killers, Medical Detectives, Prisons, Wildlife, etc.

Eyasses Kodi Addon Features

  • All the contents are working very well.
  • The Categorization is very pretty in this addon.

How to install Eyasses Kodi Adddon?

There are two basic methods to install any kodi addon.
i) Installation from Repository
ii) Installation from ZIP File

If you are not aware of the installation procedure, please do check the article which we created exclusively with screenshots.

A detailed addon installation guide for Jarvis and Krypton

Refer to the table below for the Eyasses Kodi addon Repo URL, ZIP download link and other info.

Addon Name









AJ repo

Repository URL

What's inside?

Anime, Movies, Documentaries

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