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Triangulum Kodi Addon

Triangulum Kodi Addon Review

Triangulum is yet another great Kodi addon. It is available in the Lockdown repository. It mainly focused only on Movies and TV Shows. It has a very small database that contains only 4 main categories such as Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, and My TV Shows. The Movies can be further classified into 7 sub-categories namely Popular, Top 250 IMDB Movies, Genres, Year, In Theatres, Box Office, My Movies. In addition, Paring & Tools, and Search are the two new features added in the Movies category. The TV Shows category can also be further classified into 7 sub-categories such as Popular, Genres, Networks, New TV Shows, New Episodes, Trending, My TV Shows. It can also having two extra features called Paring & Tools, and Search. You must need an IMDB account to access the both My Movies and My TV Shows category. All the contents are working very well in this addon. 

Triangulum Kodi Addon Features

  • Paring & Tools is one of the best feature present in this addon that contains Downloads, Clear Cache and some other options.
  • The Search engine is available in this addon that can be used to find the contents.

How to install Triangulum Kodi Adddon?

There are two basic methods to install any kodi addon.
i) Installation from Repository
ii) Installation from ZIP File

If you are not aware of the installation procedure, please do check the article which we created exclusively with screenshots.

A detailed addon installation guide for Jarvis and Krypton

Refer to the table below for the Triangulum Kodi addon Repo URL, ZIP download link and other info.

Addon Name










Repository URL

What's inside?

Movies, TV Shows

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